In the Fullness of the Moon: A Fiery Fairytale

She walked along the rocky path, her basket bumping against her knee with each step. Granny and her damn snacks, she thought, glancing angrily at the hamper with its jaunty gingham cover. She spied a run in her tights where the rough cane had caught a thread, laddering all the way up the side of her leg and disappearing under the petticoat ruffles that hung beneath her red velvet skirt. Classy, she thought, and took the wicker handle in both hands, holding the basket out in front of her.


Fallen leaves crunched beneath her shoes, as she traipsed deeper into the forest. The trees became denser, the shadows darker, the air cooler, and when she gazed upwards, she could barely see the sky beyond the branches high above.

A rustling noise sounded from the undergrowth, and she stopped and peered into the gloom.

“Who’s there?” she said, her words quivering.

A deep growl rumbled in return, and an enormous grey wolf stepped onto the path in front of her.

Her heart instantly began to pound, thumping against her ribcage. She looked around to see if she was still alone, already knowing that she was.

“Go away,” she yelled at the wolf, fear colouring her voice.

But the wolf kept coming.

She stood perfectly still, transfixed as the beast moved towards her, its huge paws padding silently on the dirt, its amber eyes never once leaving her face.

Her hands began to tremble. “Please,” she cried. “Please… Please… Please hurry up I have an appointment in town at three.”

The wolf rose up on its hind legs, and a rush of heat surged through her body as she lustfully watched her lover transform.

In just moments, he stood before her, naked and human, thick muscles rippling and glistening with sweat from the exertion of the change; a brilliant smile spread across his impossibly handsome face.

She shrugged off her cape and dropped her basket to the ground as she practically sprinted towards him.

He reached out a powerful arm, hooking it around her neck and drawing her into his broad chest.

Their lips crashed together, hungry and urgent, all wetness and teeth, lost in each other’s taste.

He artfully unlaced her bodice, his kiss never faltering, his mouth never leaving hers, and as she wiggled her dress from her shoulders and let it fall to her feet, they tumbled to the ground in a tangled mass of limbs and unchecked passion.


“You really need to get over this little red riding hood kink of yours,” she said as she straightened her skirt and dusted the dirt from her tights.

“Maybe next time I can blow your house down,” he said, with a grin. His teeth were already starting to change; canines poking down over his still puffy from kissing lips.

“As long as there’s blowing involved babe, I’m all for it.”

He threw his head back and howled.


She sighed as she watched him lope into the cover of the trees, the early afternoon breeze ruffling his soft, grey fur. “Until the next full moon,” she called after him, and a shiver of anticipation ran down her spine when he turned and snarled, his amber eyes glowing with promise against the darkness of the forest.


© Amy Hutton 2020

A Devil of a Romance

“This is kinda romantic,” Alec said, nudging Emily with his shoulder. “A cabin. A lake. The leaves turning gold outside. You and me, cosy together…”

“Tied up. Waiting for a couple of Satanists to murder us.”

“Well, I did say kinda.”

They were sitting back to back on the floor; their wrists and feet bound, and a rope wrapped tightly around their waists.


It was supposed to be a routine haunting. Emily was called in to clear the spirit, and Alec, her too-brave-for-his-own-good paranormal investigator boyfriend, had decided to tag along as backup. Except there was no spirit. Just a couple of amateur devil worshipers out to sacrifice someone like Emily – someone with psychic powers – as a gift for their dark lord. Just one hiccup, they forgot the ritual candles, and in an act of infinite stupidity, decided to run into town to pick some up, leaving Emily and Alec in the cabin alone. “Idiots,” Emily thought. She’d laugh if she wasn’t so angry.

“You shouldn’t have come, Alec. They want me. Now we’re both going to die.”

“We’re not gunna die, Emily. We’ve been in worse fixes than this.”

She felt his pinky finger caress hers, causing a pleasant tingle to run the length of her spine.

He was right, of course, they’d been in worse fixes. Like the time they were stuck in the basement of an old house with a raging spirit, who managed to throw Alec across the room with such force, it broke his arm. Or when they had to exorcise a demon from a giant teddy bear, after a thirteen-year-old boy who just wanted a friend, got tricked into letting the evil presence in. Their life was weird. To say the least.


“Can you wiggle out of the rope?” Alec asked.

Emily tried to move. “No. But maybe if we drop to the side?”

They rocked back and forth, launching themselves sideways and falling onto a fluffy white rug that covered the cabin floor.

“What kinda Satanist gets a white rug,” Alec said, as he puffed the long pile away from his mouth. “I mean, blood sacrifices and white do not go.”

“Alec. Concentrate. Move around a bit. Maybe it’ll loosen the knot.”

They flipped and flopped like a couple of fish beached on the sand.

“This is embarrassing,” Emily moaned.

“Embarrassing. But… Ta-da!” Alec said, as he squirmed out of the rope. “Give me your hands.”

As Emily sat with her back to Alec, her hands tied behind her, something wet and warm ran along her wrist. “Alec, did you just lick me?”

“Maybe. No. Okay, maybe.”

“Alec. Focus!” she said, trying to ignore the goosebumps that had erupted along her arms.

“Couldn’t help it,” he mumbled, as he tugged on her ties with his teeth.

It only took a moment until Emily was free. She bent forward, quickly releasing her ankles before turning around to help Alec.

The second he was loose, they fell into each other’s arms, crushing their lips together, kissing hard and deep and wet, almost forgetting where they were. Danger always did that to them.

Emily forced herself to pull away. “Later,” she said, through heavy breaths. “We need to go.”

Alec stood and lifted Emily off the floor. “We need to stay. Kick their idiot asses.”

“I’ll kick their idiot asses another time,” she said, as she dragged him towards the door.

“Ooof.” he practically growled in her ear. “You know I love it when you talk tough.” Then with a, “Wait here,” he dashed back inside and returned brandishing a bottle of red wine.

Emily laughed. “Did you just steal their sacrificial wine?”

“Well, they ain’t gunna need it now.” He flashed her a dazzling smile. “Besides, they owe us,” he said. “We can grab a pizza to go with it on the way home.”

“You are unbelievable.”

“That’s why you love me.”

“That’s why you’re lucky I love you.” She hooked a finger in the neck of his t-shirt and pulled him towards her, kissing him tenderly on the lips.

“Told you this case was kinda romantic,” he said, after she’d pulled away. “Maybe when we come back to kick their asses, we should stay a few days. Do a bit of boating. Enjoy nature. Build a campfire or something.”

Emily laughed again. “Just get in the car,” she said.

“Yes, ma’am,” he said, with a wink and a salute.

She started the engine and sped, wheels squealing, towards home and the passion that she knew would follow. Danger always did that to them.

© Amy Hutton 2020

Meet Cute Puppy

A panicky voice yelled out “Grab him!” just as Julia saw a blur of black and white fur dash past her legs. Without thinking, she lunged for the escaping dog and missed, tripping instead on a rise in the pavement and falling heavily to the ground with an “Ooof” and a thud. She was lying sprawled inelegantly across the concrete, half frozen with embarrassment, half too scared to move in case she was hurt, when something warm slurped her cheek. Gingerly rolling over, Julia saw a ridiculously fluffy puppy and reached out, drawing it onto her chest.

“Are you okay?” a man’s voice called. She saw a pair of bare feet come to a stop beside her and heard puffing like someone was trying to catch their breath.

Julia pushed a strand of her auburn hair out of her eyes and gaze upwards following the direction of the voice. She squinted into the glare of the clear blue sky until a handsome man’s face came into view and blocked out the sun.

“I am so sorry,” he said, “Are you okay? Can you move?”

Julia wasn’t exactly sure, but she nodded anyway.

“I opened the door and whoosh, he was gone,” he continued as he bent down and helped her to her feet. “Thank you so much for grabbing him.”

She nodded again; feeling slightly dazed and still clinging to the pup.

“Ooo, ouch,” the man said, wincing as he pointed to her leg. “Can I sort that out for you? I’m just around the corner.”

She followed his eyes to an angry, bloodied graze on her knee. Until that moment, she hadn’t even noticed that she was injured, but now that she had seen the wound, her knee began to sting and throb.

“You can trust me,” he added. “I’m a nurse.”

And as he smiled, she saw an adorable set of dimples appear in his cheeks.

Julia wasn’t sure if it was the shock of the fall or his dimples, but she suddenly felt woozy and rocked back on her heels.

“Whoa,” he said, reaching out with a steadying hand. “Let’s get you sat down and patched up.” He slipped his arm around her waist. “I’m Luke.”

She leaned into the security of his body. “Julia,” she said.

“Nice to meet you Julia. That troublemaker you’re holding is Wilbur.”

“Hi Wilbur,” she said, and she nuzzled his soft fur.


Julia was sitting on a chair in Luke’s kitchen with Wilbur on her lap looking up at her like he knew it was all his fault. She watched as a trickle of blood dribbled down her shin towards her sock. She was thankful she didn’t put on the skirt she was thinking about wearing that day, instead choosing a pair of shorts. At least as she lay spreadeagle on the footpath, she thought, she hadn’t been accidentally flashing anyone.

“Okay, let’s take a look at that knee,” Luke said as he walked into the room, squatted in front of her and opened-up his first aid kit.

While Luke checked out Julia’s wound, Julia checked out Luke. He was a bit of a knockout. Tall and pretty, with sparkling blue eyes and lashes Julia would kill for. His brown hair was short and spiky, and he was wearing a chest hugging, white t-shirt and what Julia suddenly realised was his underwear; tight, black boxer-briefs that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. She blushed and looked away, but not before Luke noticed and glanced down.

“Oh my god. I’m sorry. I didn’t even…”

Julia shook her head.  “No. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…”

“I ran out the door without…”

“No, really. I shouldn’t have…”

They stared at each other in silence for a moment, then started to laugh.


Luke stuck the final strip of tape to the gauze on Julia’s knee. “I think you’ll live,” he said, as he stood and smoothed out the front of his jeans. “So… Wilbur was thinking he’d like to make it up to you, and… um…buy you a coffee.”

“I would love that, Wilbur,” Julia said, looking at Luke.

“Wilbur also hopes you don’t think he’s an idiot.” Luke said, looking a Julia.

“No. Not at all. In fact, I think we could become…good friends,” she said, as she ruffled Wilbur’s fur.

“Man, I sure hope so,” Luke said, and flashed her another dimply smile.

Julia felt woozy again, but this time, she knew exactly why.

© Amy Hutton 2020